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Recommendation from HomeTown Bank

“Symantec.Cloud Endpoint Protection has greatly exceeded my expectations. We have been using SEP running on a server locally but it never seemed to work like we wanted it too. There was a lot of overhead in managing that system and it was very intrusive on client machines. Cloud SEP is neither. The centrally managed web portal allows us to monitor activity and make changes from anywhere without having to be on our network, either physically or VPN. The web portal is customizable, informative, and intuitive allowing for easy setup and configuration. Changes and updates come right from Symantec without having to traverse our WAN and we can set up local update hosts at each location to manage virus definition updates, increasing efficiency. The intrusion prevention feature is really surprising to me. We recently had a vulnerability test done by a third party and we actually had to temporarily scale this feature back for them to “effectively” run the test. We were impressed to say the least. Another great aspect of this product, and possibly the most important, is client workstation scans are fast and efficient. After all, performance is the biggest concern to most users. I would recommend this product to any small-medium business looking for a good, overall, protection solution.”

Keith St.Peter
HomeTown Bank


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