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Archive for May 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Safer Network Solutions will be closed on Monday, May 26th in observance of Memorial Day.  We pray you have a day full of family, fun and relaxation.  We are thankful to those that served and paid the price that we can enjoy our freedom.  May the sun […]

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Passwords hit the news again

with Reuters reporting on the news of eBay being compromised.  How many sites do you use the same password on?  How often do you change your password?  How difficult is your password to crack?  Did you know that they are just now reporting the issue that happened […]

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Policy pays off!

In our first full week of having the new policy to check the backups when we are on site, we are happy to report it is paying off.  We have found three customers that did not have adequate backups and were able to quickly remediate the issues […]

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Is XP really more vulnerable?

Many of our customers have concerns when running older versions of Windows (especially XP with all the news).  To add our two cents to your consideration, please know that we are in the business of selling you new stuff in order to make a profit and feed […]

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New SAFER Policy benefits Customers

In an effort to improve efficiency and customer service, our engineers will now be adding backup status and recommendations for improvements to every work order.  We will make proposals and get pricing for the customers based on those recommendations.  If you start seeing new proposals that you […]

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Domain Migration 2003-2012

Since the release of Server 2012, I haven’t seen its debut in a production environment until the end of last week.  I then was presented with the task of adding a Server 2012 box to a 2003 Small Business Server (SBS) domain with the end result of […]

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