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Is XP really more vulnerable?

Logo_SMMany of our customers have concerns when running older versions of Windows (especially XP with all the news).  To add our two cents to your consideration, please know that we are in the business of selling you new stuff in order to make a profit and feed our families.  With that being said, we are not out to make a quick sale and hope you will come back because we are a good partner and trusted resource.  Our official stance on XP is “it depends”.  There are some compliance issues that must be considered.  It also depends on how the system is used.  If you are in a HIPAA environment and using the system as a “thin client” to a Citrix environment, it is fine.  However, if it is used on the Internet to access anything, it will have to be replaced to be compliant.  Fox News has a great article about the risks as well as the report from Microsoft.  The last line of the article says it all, “we urge you to take the stats with a grain of salt”.


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