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Network Security is always a concern.

While this is not a surprise to those of us who work with networks all day long, it is a growing concern.  WSLS posted an article today about the growing trend of non-secure wireless routers being supplied by the ISP.  Please keep in mind that networks and security is like everything else, you get exactly what you pay for.  If you get a free router, please do not expect security.  If you do not change the default settings, it is not secure.  While we specialize in helping companies protect themselves against these risks, home users are often remote users.  As a network admin, are you insuring your remote users have up to date security software?  Do you assist them in securing their network?  A little assistance to help your users could go a long way to securing your network if your weakest link is a laptop connected at home.  We can help with the software and policies needed to provide value to your users while meeting your budget.

Link to WSLS Article Here.

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