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Windows 10 is here!

OK, So Windows 10 has been released, now what?  There is so much hype around upgrading that I am going to start off with some cautions rather than excitement.  Have I installed it, yes.  Do I like it, so far.  Do I recommend it, depends.

First – ZDNet is already reporting the scams that users are falling prey to in trying to be first in line.  Finding an “alternate” download of Microsoft’s newest creation may be harmful to your computer’s health.  Scammers are bundling it with new ransom-ware and encrypting unsuspecting users’ systems until the ransom is paid.  Two points of caution: One, know where you are getting your download and two, BACKUP YOUR SYSTEM!!

Second – Windows update cannot be blocked.  It happens and you will have to get used to it.  There is a way to block driver updates, but it requires a special tool from Microsoft and often, will install the updates requiring a rollback to find and block the update.  Updates for critical system issues and security issues cannot be blocked.  This is bad news for those of you with custom software that has had problems with Windows update in the past.

Finally, let me leave you with some good news.  It is fast.  It seems stable (6 days and counting now). It is easy to migrate to.  The upgrade process was pretty painless and was not overly time consuming.  So far, so good.  We are ready to support you and assist with your upgrade path.  Please let us know how we can serve you!

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