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Archive for March 2016

Who wants a free Access Point?

Who doesn’t love free equipment?  Cisco Meraki is so confident in their product, they will send you a free access point.  Go to https://meraki.cisco.com/webinars?ref=OZFdLN and click on the link below the title that says “Attendees Receive a free AP!”  I am sure there are all sorts of disclaimers […]

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Is Managed Services right for you?

There is a lot of discussion about Managed Services in the tech world these days. To assist you with information and most importantly, is it right for you, here are some basics about managed services. At the core, managed services is just that, a routine management practice […]

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Spring cleaning for your system.

Are you due for a new laptop?  Update your system now and be ready for all the summer travel! Lenovo is in the middle of model refreshes across the product line.  Thinkpads continue to be industry leaders in the laptop market.  Please take a moment to look at […]

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Did you backup your data today?

How often do you check your backups?  OK, you did your backup, but how did you check your backup?  If you said, you looked at the log or the email that said your backup was successful, I will ask you again.  Did you check your backup?  How […]

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Lightning, lightning, go away!

As I sit and listen to the distant thunder, I know that Spring is here and so are the storms.  As the lightning strikes and the TV and PlayStation console blink off, I realize I have forgotten the basics. First, I see two plugs straight to the […]

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