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Great Customer Feedback!

David A – I can not thank you enough for helping me fix our software just now. I had been on the phone for 2 hours with their support. Just want you to know how much I appreciate you-YOU ARE AWESOME!

David L – I copied you on this so you would be aware of how much I appreciate David Akers, you and your company!!!

Sad but in this day and age everyone wants to always point out issues so I want to be the one that points out successes!!!

 – Karen Atkins, Interim HealthCare

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We are implementing a new offer for our existing customers. Refer your friends, partners and acquaintances and we will offer up to 20% off a day's worth of services after the completion of our first engagement with your referral.


The success of Safer Network Solutions is based on the strong relationships we have built with our customers.

We will be glad to let you talk to our existing customers to hear first hand how well we do.

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