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Has Social Media run its course?

With articles coming out daily about the new security threats that are posed to users, it is amazing to me how few take that threat protection view home with them.  As reported in the New York Post (Click the link for the article), the new FaceApp that went viral last week has now given Russians access to millions of users’ data.  Ironically, this was not a new technology, it was just re-packaged to appeal to a new set of users.  With this new threat are you concerned?  You should be.  How many of you use your facial recognition to unlock your mobile device?  If you loaded the application, did you know that you gave the company irrevocable permissions to use your image and username for anything they want?  With facial recognition being used for more applications in the future, what future attack did you just open yourself up to?

Here is a great idea.  Call your friends and meet them for dinner.  Leave the phones in the car so you can truly engage in life.  I am all for technology if it allows you to work smarter and faster to spend more time with those you love, but when it starts affecting your ability to live, is it worth it?  Be Blessed!



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