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Trevor Johnson

TrevorI have been working with Safer Network Solutions since Feb 2013 and learning a lot while doing so. Some facts about me include. My upbringing was based mainly on a cattle/horse farm in Union Hall Virginia.  I lived there my whole life until the spring of 2011 when I moved to Wirtz Virginia. While I lived on the farm my twin brother and I gained a great understanding of living off the land and having an excellent work ethic will make a huge positive impact on one’s life. Noticed I said “twin brother” yes I have a twin. It is pretty amazing how similar we are, but I can definitely say we picked two completely opposite career fields mine being “IT” related and his “Medical”.  The driving force that has led to this point in my career would have to be the overwhelming desire to understand the “Magic” behind all electronics.


The drive to always question how things work within, has been the main catalyst to my educational journey into the world of “IT” over the past 8+ years and has helped me to achieve my goals of being a graduate of Franklin County High School and a graduate of Skyline College, which I studied during the years of 2009-2013 to gain my Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and my Bachelors in Network Security. My work history has been mainly just repairing house hold PCs from 2007-2010. Then I began to focus more toward server related components mainly my own, for the past three years, and then I began my externship with Safer Network Solutions in February, while finishing my Bachelors program.  Some of my hobbies include, electronic labs, kayaking, camping, fishing, hunting, and video games.


My three major goals to accomplish in this career, are meeting as many new colleagues as possible, learning as much as my brain can manage, and maintaining the mental and physical drive to always get the job done.

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