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Phillip Speck

  I was born and raised in Roanoke, and I currently live in Roanoke with my wife and son.  I am always interested in technology, and had a very early interest in computers, because of the video games available at the time to play on the computer.  My families first computer was an Apple IIe with dual 5.25” floppy disks, I learned how to type and played adventure games like Oregon Trail.  I was hooked on computer repair when I infected my families MS-DOS computer with a 3.5” floppy disk from Radio Shack and when Radio Shack couldn’t fix it I did, rebuilding the OS.  I built my first complete custom built computer from parts in the late 90’s, water cooled with parts from a hardware store.  I was able to ‘overclock’ or accelerate the CPU speed, tripling the factory set speed.

I attended Ferrum College in 1996 and was in a very small advanced programming class, when all the students in the class were asked if we wanted to join the helpdesk team for the school during the massive undertaking of putting computers in every dorm room and servicing these 700+ new student machines as well as the rest of the campus.  I accepted part time employment with the college and received advanced helpdesk and computer repair training at Virginia Tech through a school grant.

I also love to race radio controlled hobby vehicles, in the past I have raced radio control off road nitro monster trucks, 1/8 scale radio control off road nitro buggy, radio control first person view quadcopters, and first person view flying wings.  I have also competed in radio control rock crawler events and can fly radio controlled collective pitch helicopters without modern gyro stabilization.  I built many of these either from kits or completely from scratch to have the strongest, most reliable or fastest project possible.  I have self-learned many hobby skills such as soldering and porting and polishing small engines.

I have been a 35mm film movie projectionist back before the switch to automated digital projectors we have now, an automotive technician and a factory worker pressure testing carbon graphite pipes made to hold and cool caustic liquids.  I have also been certified to stick weld structural steel and a scuba diver.  I also ran a computer LAN gaming group for fun, back before the internet was fast enough to play games over the internet.  This forced me to create pop-up networks on the fly, connecting my friends to the internet and each other, safely.

I also enjoy being out in the great outdoors, camping and BBQ and just spending time with friends and family enjoying the moment.

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