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Ready for more updates?

We have such a wide variety of customers.  We have some that are anxiously waiting the next update from Microsoft and some that are still missing Windows XP.  Whether you are dreading updates or excited, they are coming.  Here are some of the highlights of the upgrade […]

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End of an era.

Microsoft has announced they are going to move away from Internet Explorer in new versions of their operating system.  For you die hard IE fans, you will still be able to run IE, but their new browser is supposed to be a better tool.  We will keep […]

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Security First!

Yesterday I told you about unsecure routers provided by ISPs.  Today I get to tell you that your browser got hacked.  Which one you ask?  All of them I answer.  Chrome was the most secure taking 2000 lines of codes and a couple of hours and IE […]

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Network Security is always a concern.

While this is not a surprise to those of us who work with networks all day long, it is a growing concern.  WSLS posted an article today about the growing trend of non-secure wireless routers being supplied by the ISP.  Please keep in mind that networks and […]

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Beam Me Up?

What if your lights could be used to transfer your data around the room?  Sounds far fetched for sure, but researchers are working on it now.  It also seems it is much faster than current copper or wireless speeds. Read More Here

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Oops! Not all AV is equal.

Recently we had a customer have an urgent issue with a virus outbreak. It turns out that it was not as serious as first thought although it did create quite a stir. It turns out Panda had an update that marked itself as a virus. Needless to […]

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Superfish concerns on Lenovo Systems

As many of you know, we sell quite a few models from the Lenovo line.  Over the years they have performed extremely well and as a result, we have had very few problems.  There have been many news articles concerning Lenovo and Superfish and the security of […]

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Snow Day!

We pray everyone can stay off the roads and stay safe as the snow rolls through.  Our engineers are staying safe and warm, but are able to assist remotely.  Please open a ticket at SaferNetworkSolutions.com and our engineers will do our best to assist remotely.  Our offices are […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I meant to post this prior to Christmas, but with all the holiday rush and need to complete services before the holidays, the web site did not make the priority list.  We hope you had a very Merry Christmas.  Our wish for you in 2015 is that […]

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Once again, I Love Technology and Innovation!

This is a great example of how technology can make our lives better.  How cool is this!  Click on the pictures to see how a 3D printer is used to make prosthetic legs for a dog.

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