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Do you like SSD Drives?

I was not a huge fan of SSD drives due to the limited size.  Like all technology, get ready for something better.  10TB drives are on the way! Read more here!

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Network Security is always a concern.

While this is not a surprise to those of us who work with networks all day long, it is a growing concern.  WSLS posted an article today about the growing trend of non-secure wireless routers being supplied by the ISP.  Please keep in mind that networks and […]

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Superfish concerns on Lenovo Systems

As many of you know, we sell quite a few models from the Lenovo line.  Over the years they have performed extremely well and as a result, we have had very few problems.  There have been many news articles concerning Lenovo and Superfish and the security of […]

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We have a new Partner!

SocialSign.in specializes in creating a custom image to use your WiFi as a sales person.  Capture email addresses for your next big mailing, get people to download your app or connect on social media all through your guest WiFi connection.  Please let us know if you have […]

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Cisco Select Certified Partner status

Effective 17 September 2014 Congratulations to SAFER NETWORK SOLUTIONS LLC for meeting all criteria to become a Cisco Select Certified Partner in USA. Your company has demonstrated that it is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in USA. As a Select Certified Partner, you will receive […]

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August Microsoft Updates causing issues

Urgent notice to all: Please do not install Microsoft updates from August on any Lenovo system.  We are finding that one of the updates is causing disk corruption and will prevent the system from booting correctly.  We have experienced this on multiple sites with two different tower […]

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Is XP really more vulnerable?

Many of our customers have concerns when running older versions of Windows (especially XP with all the news).  To add our two cents to your consideration, please know that we are in the business of selling you new stuff in order to make a profit and feed […]

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Microsoft Software Audit

Have you received the notice from Microsoft asking you to comply with a self license audit? Do you know where to start? Do you know what software is installed? We can help. We also have tools to scan to find what is installed. One of those tools […]

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Cloud Summit

ends today. So many solutions and so little time. We are going to be fine tuning our offerings over the next few months and if you have questions, now is the perfect time to ask. Call, email or ask your engineer when they are on site. We […]

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Lenovo Battery Recall Notice

Lenovo has issued a recall on certain batteries.  Please check the link below to see if you are affected. Let us know if you have any questions. http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail.page?DocID=HF004122

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