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Security Alerts

Hurricane Season is here!

To all of our customers, partners and vendors, we hope you are able to stay safe this fall.  The first major storm of the year is upon us and it looks like a very powerful storm.  As you are gathering your food and water, please take an […]

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Meraki Security Cameras

Now network security meets security cameras.  Easy to manage and control access, easy to deploy and all with the reliability you have come to expect from Cisco Meraki. You can watch a short video here.    

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Windows 10 woes

Many of our clients are asking about whether or not to accept the Windows 10 update.  The real answer is personal preference.  Some love the new OS and features and some are totally frustrated.  If your system has told you that it is scheduled for install, believe […]

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Thank you!!!

We don’t say it often enough, but on this 8th anniversary of our little startup, we need to shout it.  Thank you to our customers, partners, vendors and employees for 8 fantastic years.  We have seen a lot of changes through these years, and we thank you […]

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Windows 10 is here!

OK, So Windows 10 has been released, now what?  There is so much hype around upgrading that I am going to start off with some cautions rather than excitement.  Have I installed it, yes.  Do I like it, so far.  Do I recommend it, depends. First – […]

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Network Security is always a concern.

While this is not a surprise to those of us who work with networks all day long, it is a growing concern.  WSLS posted an article today about the growing trend of non-secure wireless routers being supplied by the ISP.  Please keep in mind that networks and […]

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Oops! Not all AV is equal.

Recently we had a customer have an urgent issue with a virus outbreak. It turns out that it was not as serious as first thought although it did create quite a stir. It turns out Panda had an update that marked itself as a virus. Needless to […]

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August Microsoft Updates causing issues

Urgent notice to all: Please do not install Microsoft updates from August on any Lenovo system.  We are finding that one of the updates is causing disk corruption and will prevent the system from booting correctly.  We have experienced this on multiple sites with two different tower […]

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Passwords hit the news again

with Reuters reporting on the news of eBay being compromised.  How many sites do you use the same password on?  How often do you change your password?  How difficult is your password to crack?  Did you know that they are just now reporting the issue that happened […]

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Is XP really more vulnerable?

Many of our customers have concerns when running older versions of Windows (especially XP with all the news).  To add our two cents to your consideration, please know that we are in the business of selling you new stuff in order to make a profit and feed […]

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