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Have you ever wanted to leverage your ability to market to your customers through your WiFi?  This new tool enables you to market in new ways using your wireless signal to drive the traffic or capture the information that is truly important to you.


What are you trying to accomplish?  Do you want to capture email address for a campaign?  You can drive traffic and interaction through your app or increase your social media visibility.   You set the goals that work for your company.


How do you know you are being successful?  How do you measure your customer’s interaction and interests.  With this tool, you can create a more personal message as you learn your target market.


No passwords to keep updated.  No special security to set.  Easy to setup and easy to use.


Best of all you can get proven results.  Use our contact page to get started today.  You can open a support ticket or use the contact page.

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We are implementing a new offer for our existing customers. Refer your friends, partners and acquaintances and we will offer up to 20% off a day's worth of services after the completion of our first engagement with your referral.


The success of Safer Network Solutions is based on the strong relationships we have built with our customers.

We will be glad to let you talk to our existing customers to hear first hand how well we do.

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