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Connectwise PSA

ConnectWise PSA (formerly Connectwise Manage) is a professional services automation (PSA) software platform used by Safer Network Solutions to manage their business operations, including ticketing, billing, project management, and customer relationship management. Within ConnectWise PSA, tickets are a central component used to track and manage various types of tasks, issues, requests, and projects. Here’s an overview of ConnectWise Manage tickets:

  • Ticket Creation: Tickets can be created manually by users or automatically generated from various sources such as email, web forms, monitoring alerts, or integration with other systems. When creating a ticket, users can specify details such as the type of issue, priority level, affected assets or services, and assigned technician.
  • Ticket Tracking: ConnectWise Manage allows users to track the status, progress, and resolution of tickets throughout their lifecycle. Each ticket is assigned a unique identifier and can be categorized, sorted, and filtered based on various criteria such as status, priority, customer, or technician.
  • Ticket Workflow: ConnectWise Manage offers customizable workflows for tickets, allowing organizations to define their own processes and procedures for ticket handling. Workflows can include stages such as triage, assignment, escalation, resolution, and closure, with automated actions triggered at each stage.
  • Communication and Collaboration: ConnectWise Manage facilitates communication and collaboration among team members, customers, and vendors involved in ticket resolution. Users can add comments, attach files, and log activities directly within tickets, enabling real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Time Tracking and Billing: ConnectWise Manage includes time tracking functionality to record the time spent by technicians on ticket resolution. Time entries can be associated with specific tickets and projects, allowing organizations to accurately bill clients for services rendered.
  • Customer Admin Portal: PSA has an integrated portal to allow self and co-managed ticket management to increase collaboration and communications

ConnectWise PSA tickets serve as a centralized tool for managing our service delivery, enabling us to efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve issues, requests, and projects while maintaining transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.